A history of chateau de blois

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Château de Blois

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Chateau Blois

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Nicolas church Chateau, Saint Louis Cathedral Setting: light color Marine de Loire in Blois We use cookies to deliver a reliable and personalised ArtQuidexperience. The Royal Château de Blois (French: "Château Royal de Blois") is a palace in France.

It is in the center of the city of Blois in the Loir-et-Cher Department. It has been the home for several French kings. A royal town in the period of Louis XII and Francis I, Blois has a charming old town with the Chateau de Blois, Museum of Fine Arts, Archeology Museum, Basilica Notre Dame de la Trinite, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Religious Art.

Chateau de Chinon - Loire Valley - History. This page was updated on: Chateau de Chinon, the fortress of Henry II of England. The Chateau de Chinon commands the river Vienne and its valley from atop a promontory. The fortress became of the strongholds of the House of Blois.

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A history of chateau de blois
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