An experiment on the head start program

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Tuskegee syphilis experiment

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Abecedarian Early Intervention Project

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The Long-Term Impact of the Head Start Program

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Keto Beef and Butter Fast Experiment

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Please click the humanities for higher resolution versions. Experiment, Georgia Head Start Programs. We have listed all of the Headstart programs in Experiment, Georgia. Click on the head start programs to view full details including maps and pictures. “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” —Bernard M.

Follow Through (project)

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5 Although Follow Through, like Head Start, was initially intended as a social action program, the decision to transform Follow Through from a social action program to a social experiment was not correspondingly changed in the congressional legislation.

Research has demonstrated strong long-term impacts of random assignment to high-quality preschool programs from the s and s, including Perry Preschool and the Abecedarian program. Head Start, the large-scale federal preschool program, has also been shown to improve post-preschool outcomes, including high school completion and health outcomes.

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Fallacy I: Head Start a 'Successful Experiment'

NBER Program(s):Children, Economics of Education, Public Economics This study provides the first comprehensive analysis of the distributional effects of Head Start, using the first national randomized experiment of the Head Start program (the Head Start Impact Study).

An experiment on the head start program
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