Enzyme assays protocols

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Virus quantification

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Use of Procalcitonin Assays to Predict Serious Bacterial Infection in Young Febrile Infants

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Arbor Assays builds robust immunoassay and enzyme activity kits to quantitate biomolecules in biological matrices. Thermo Fisher Scientific is dedicated to improving the human condition through systems, consumables, and services for researchers. Specifications: Useful in the identification and selection of the strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that contain the mutant ura3- gene.

5-FOA is toxic to yeast cells that can synthesize the enzyme orotidine-5’-phosphate decarboxylase and are therefore unable to grow on 5-FOA-containing media. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS FOR ENZYME PREPARATIONS USED IN FOOD PROCESSING.

The following general specifications were prepared by the Committee at its sixty-seventh meeting () for publication in FAO JECFA Monographs 3 (), superseding the general specifications prepared at the fifty-seventh meeting (1) and published in FAO JECFA Monographs 1 (2).

USER Enzyme (Uracil-Specific Excision Reagent) generates a single nucleotide gap at the location of a uracil. USER Enzyme is a mixture of Uracil DNA glycosylase (UDG) and the DNA glycosylase-lyase Endonuclease VIII.

UDG catalyses the excision of a uracil base, forming an abasic (apyrimidinic) site while leaving the phosphodiester backbone intact.

Caspase-Glo® 3/7 Assay Systems

The Caspase-Glo ® 3/7 assay provides a proluminescent caspase-3/7 DEVD-aminoluciferin substrate and a proprietary thermostable luciferase in a reagent optimized for caspase-3/7 activity, luciferase activity and cell lysis.

Adding the single Caspase-Glo ® 3/7 Reagent in an "add-mix-measure" format results in cell lysis, followed by caspase cleavage of the substrate.

Enzyme assays protocols
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