Mvc write helper

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ASP.NET MVC interview questions with answers

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Creating Custom HTML Helpers (C#)

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- aspnet/Mvc. This tutorial explains ValidationSummary in MVC. ValidationSummary helper method generates an unordered list (ul element) of validation messages.

So always use HtmlHelper class in razor view instead of writing html tags manually. The following figure shows the use of HtmlHelper class in the razor view. HTML Helpers. As you can see in the above figure, @ Html is an object of HtmlHelper class. (@ symbol is used to access server side object in razor syntax).

Html is a property of type HtmlHelper included in base class of razor view WebViewPage. The Html Helper can be accessed through the ViewPage class using the "Html" property.

When you begin writing the code using HtmlHelpers you will soon realize that there is no helper for RadioButtonList.

2 simple ways to create Custom Html Helper in ASP.NET MVC

Tag Helpers were introduced in MVC 6, and one the tag helper is Select tag helper. Select tag helper is used to generate dropdown list and it’s an alternative for this post, we will see how to use select tag helper and how to bind select tag helper to model data or enum values.

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Mvc write helper
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ValidationSummary in MVC