Q pootle 5 writing activities

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Space adventures

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Space themed activities

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Alien activity sheet

Q Pootle 5 by Nick Butterworth Suggested by AoifeHassett87 Apr 18th Hey, you could be telling us how you use this book to teach too if you were logged in! Writing activities-prescriptions, police speeding form, appointments. Writing their first name. Super Duck Author/Theme: RWI scheme Fiction Books-Whatever’s Next, Aliens love underpants, Q Pootle 5, Red rockets and jelly.

Baby Brains. Beegu Writing activities- space ship log, space passport, rocket boarding Year 2 New Curriculum. An immersive site that welcomes both children and parents into Q Pootle 5’s world. The site contains episodes, activities and games and invites children to explore and discover the shows characters with lots of hidden objects to find along the way.

There is lots to do and a range of activities taking place for people of all ages. With author readings, performances, workshops, arts and crafts, music, illustrators, indoor and outdoor activities, sports, games, science, food, favourite characters and, of course, poetry, there is something for everyone.

Q Pootle 5, Season 1: Watch online now with Amazon Instant Video: Adam Shaw, Johannes Keller, Nick Butterworth: The enthusiastic duo lay on a whole range of exciting (but exhausting) activities, but pretty soon Ray has had enough of all this exertion. When the opportunity to play hide and seek presents itself Ray disappears.

Read Q Pootle 5 Nick Butterworth to children who then prepare for their own Space Party and write invitations. They explore the structure of lists and simple instructions and write some recipes for the party.

Q pootle 5 writing activities
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